About Us

Christ Throne Ministries (CTM), a World Revival Mission, was incorporated on April 12, 2005 in Baltimore, Maryland. The official inauguration event for CTM was at the Forum Caterers, Baltimore, MD on July 7, 2007.

Apostle Anthony Aladekoba - (President and Founder)

Apostle Tony

Apostle Anthony Aladekoba is the presiding Apostle over Christ Throne Ministries (World Revival Mission). He is also the Co-ordinator of Kingdom Way College of Bishops & Apostles and the Co-ordinator of Kingdom Way Pastors' Alliance in Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia Metroplex. He is the President & Founder of CTM Prayer Mountain, CEO of Divine Touch Boutique and the Senior Pastor, Christ Throne Ministries Revival Center.

Apostle Anthony is a teacher and preacher of the WORD with deep spiritual insight and revelation. He is a revivalist with a prophetic mantle over his life. He has pastored and planted churches, mentored so many pastors and church leaders. God has used him to raise many spiritual sons & daughters who are all doing well in ministry and other vocations.

He was called into ministry in 1975 and has since worked in various capacities. He has studied in various disciplines, 4 years in the school of Prophets in Nigeria before coming to the USA to further his studies in Chemistry, Dental Technology, Counseling, Seminary College, just to mention a few.

He is a kingdom builder, a Patron to so many Christian organizations, community leader, an advocate for youths and young adults. He is a sponsor of the Idoani Foundation and the Joseph Adedayo Aladekoba Foundation. He served as Pastor, Snr. Pastor, District Superintendent, National Revivalist, Chairman, National Convention, Chairman, Ministers' Conference, member of the Administrative board in CAC (WOSEM) for some years before resigning to focus on the mandates that God gave him for Christ Throne Ministries, after seeking the Lord on a 40-day absolute fast in 2006. Over the years, God had been speaking to him concerning this ministry which was officially inaugurated on 07-07-07.

Apostle Anthony Aladekoba was honorably released from CAC, World Soul Winning Evangelistic Ministry to pursue the nine operational mandates of Christ Throne Ministries given to him by God. He is still a Wosemite and a supporter of CAC (WOSEM). He assists whenever help is needed in the mission field or any church.

He is happily married to Pastor Patricia Aladekoba, who is the Vice-President of Christ Throne Ministries (CTM). They are blessed with four children: Celestina, Elisha, Rebekah and Hannah.

Pastor (Mrs.) Patricia Aladekoba - (Vice President)

Pastor Patricia

Pastor Patricia Aladekoba is the wife of the President/Founder of Christ Throne Ministries, Apostle Anthony Aladekoba. She is also the Vice-President of Christ Throne Ministries. Together, they have been blessed with four children, Celestina, Elisha, Rebekah, and Hannah. She was ordained an Evangelist with Christ Apostolic Church, WOSEM, in 2008. She was ordained a Pastor with Christ Throne Ministries in November, 2010.

Pastor Patricia Aladekoba’s professional career has spanned several disciplines. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and Linguistics from Fourah Bay College, in Freetown, Sierra Leone, an institution known to be “the Athens of Africa.” She received her MBA, with honors, from Strayer University in Washington, DC, in 1998, and has also received a second Masters degree in Pastoral Counseling from Loyola University in Baltimore, MD in 2008. She is currently enrolled in a Post-Graduate course at the University of Family Bible, in Baltimore, MD where she will also gain her certification as a licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor.

In her professional career, Patricia Aladekoba’s knowledge and experience of database management systems like Oracle and SQL Server were acquired whilst working as a Software Test Engineer and a Database Administrator for well over 15 years. Whilst interning at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center, she was a member of the board of the Ethics Committee. She is also a member of the Spiritual Advisory Board for the Greater Baltimore Medical Center for Spiritual Support Training.

She accepted the Lord as her personal savior when she was about thirteen years old. She was an ardent member of her school's Scripture Union, when she was back in her home country of Sierra Leone. Born a Wesleyan Methodist, she eventually joined the Pentecostal church, where she experienced the in-filling of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Patricia Aladekoba has been instructed by the Lord to form a Women’s ministry, hence, the launching of “Women’s Evangelistic Fellowship”. According to the leading of the Lord, “Determined Women of God” of Christ Throne Ministries, was also established and inaugurated in October, 2009. The Lord’s mandate for this assignment is to raise up “determined” women for Him – powerful women of God, who are focused, resolute, and nothing stands in their way. Fearless women who like Esther can say, "...and if I perish, I perish" (Esther 4: 16).

She loves the Lord. She is a prayer warrior. The calling of God on her life is to be a full-fledged teacher and minister of God. She also loves to cook, write, travel, read, dance, pray, and watch plays, or movies. Her zeal for the things of the Lord has sparked in her the need to gather other like-minded women to get busy for the Lord in a bid to be sold out for the work of God. She is a ‘determined’ woman of God.