Service Card

Project FAITH
The Faith Advocates Inspired by Touching Humanity (FAITH) Project has been created to meet the needs of the young and the disenfranchised in this country and abroad. The research reveals that many people of color are academically at a disadvantage and may not be able to reach the goals that they should reach had they been properly educated. Many families struggle to support their children financially and quite often, despite their desire to help, they may lack the skills needed to help them in school. The FAITH Project aspires to support young people in order to help them with basic support in math and in reading. These two skills are paramount in almost every aspect of life. This program will focus on providing students with social and academic support in order to assure success in school and in the community. Children will work with educators who are trained in the subject area of need. The tutors will work with the student and will also provide written and/or oral support to parent through-out the week in order to help the parent with facilitating help during the school week. The program will also provide parents with support as a part of the Parent Program called SAFFIRE (Students Achieve when Families have Faith, Inspiration, Resources and Education). More information can be provided on this program upon request. Additionally, the FAITH Project will educate and increase awareness among African and African-American communities on health related areas such as the incidence of HIV/AIDS, hypertension, heart disease and diabetes. Health screenings, educational workshops, guest speakers and other outreach activities will be held to encourage communities to live healthy and to practice faith-based lifestyles as a part of choosing life.

Nursing Home & Hospital Visitations
We visit hosiptals and nursing homes every Saturday. To request a special visitaition for a friend, family, or a loved one, please send an e-mail including your contact information to