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The mission of Christ Throne Ministries is to disciple, multiply and nurture new converts, believers and churches in prayer, un-compromised biblical doctrine, worship, fellowship, and practical evangelism in obedience to the great commission and with the unity of the whole Body of Christ.



Christ Throne Ministries has accepted the biblical philosophy of searching Word of God without compromise. The church attempts to educate members on how to learn, memorize, defend and examine the Bible carefully and relate it to their everyday moral, social and spiritual challenges.

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Sunday Worship Service starts at 10 AM - 12 Noon.

17700 Foreston Rd, Upperco, MD 21155.

Connect with us on Wednesdays for Bible Study through Zoom.

Zoom Meeting ID: 7230111834
Password: 743463

Please call the church at 410-868-8065 to sign-up. Leave your name and number to receive text messages for the Zoom link and password.

Prayer Vigil 12 AM - 2 AM

Night Vigil - Let the Fire Fall (Check the calendar for time)

Please join us for daily prayers on The Bridge from 12 Midnight to 3:00 AM eastern standard time at 1(515)-603-3172,
Access Code: 851-112#

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Anthony Aladekoba was called into ministry in 1975 and has since worked in various capacities. He has studied in various disciplines, four (4) years in the school of Prophets in Nigeria before coming to the US.

Reverend (Dr.) Patricia Aladekoba accepted the Lord as her personal Savior when she was in middle school in 1977. She was an ardent member of her school's Scripture Union, when she was back in her home country of Sierra Leone. Born a Wesleyan Methodist, she eventually joined the Pentecostal church, where she experienced the in-filling of the Holy Spirit and began serving faithfully.

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Christ Throne Ministries is committed to unity, liberty, and love in Jesus Christ

Come, let us fellowship together!

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Congratulations! You have decided to dedicate your life to following Jesus. You may be wondering what’s next on your journey. We want to help! Join us as we guide you toward the next steps in your walk with Christ.


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We look forward to hearing from you! Share your gifts and talents to bless others and to glory the Lord! We have several ministries that need your help!

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We look forward to seeing you!17700 Foreston Rd, Upperco, 21155410-868-8065


We welcome you! Come and share your questions, comments or feedback. If you need one-on-one counseling, it's available.