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Marriage Ceremony


Marriage is a sacred union of two children of God—a man and a woman. God is the one who instituted marriage. He is the one who found the first woman for the first man. He is the one who conceived the necessity for marriage institution. So if God started it all, you are doing the will of God for wanting to get married and God must be at the center of your marriage. If you do His will in your marriage, you will enjoy (Gen. 2:18-25).
Many people become couples without going through any church counseling or giving any deep thought to what they get into. It is, however, essential for couple-to-be in our church to go through marriage counseling with the pastor in order to be sure that the partners involved are really prepared to go into marriage—a lifetime relationship.

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Memorial Service


If an adult male or female member dies in the Lord, the burial service shall be conducted by the Pastor at the funeral home, rented hall and/or the grave and not in the church. A deceased person may be interned at the grave yard or cemetery but not in a room as is done by the unbelievers. John 19:38-42.
Anyone who dies while he was suspended or dismissed from the church shall not have a full burial service conducted for him at his burial. There is no burial service for children. If a member admits being into witchcraft or works of darkness before he/she dies, the pastor shall not attend the burial and a full burial service shall not be held for the deceased.