God has called Christ Throne Ministries to become a kingdom-building follower of Christ in its efforts to motivate and develop its members to become genuine practical prayer warriors.  The slogan “prayer is the key” has become the engineering factor to activate faith in all members that, God can do all things through an effective, fervent prayer of the saints.

Christ Throne Ministries has accepted the biblical philosophy of searching the scriptures and believing in the Word of God without compromise.  The church attempts to educate members on how to learn, memorize, defend and examine the Bible carefully and relate it to their everyday moral, social, and spiritual challenges.

We commit ourselves to applying biblical principles to the everyday struggles of our lives.  We encourage and empower members to use the Word of God to differentiate between false and true doctrines.  We commit ourselves to equipping the saints for their work in the ministry and teaching them to grow in the knowledge of God.

God has called Christ Throne Ministries to become a genuine tool of world Evangelism, which has penetrated many unreached people of this earth with the Gospel of Salvation.  Our desire is to go to the unreached people of the world, regardless of their ethnic background, and preach Christ to them as their only Savior.  We are to equip the saints to go into the strongholds of the enemy with their lifestyle of prayer, worship, learning, and witnessing in order to build the kingdom and prepare the reign of Jesus Christ again at His Second Coming.


· The divine inspiration an authority of the Holy Bible.

· The unity of the Godhead and the Trinity of persons therein.

· The necessity for repentance and regeneration; and the eternal doom of the impenitent.

· The Virgin Birth, Sinless Life, Atoning Death, Triumphant Resurrection, Ascension, Abiding Intercession of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and His Second Coming.

· Justification and sanctification of the believers through the finished work of Christ.

· The sacraments of baptism by immersion and of the Lord’s Supper.

· The Baptism of the Holy Ghost for the believers with signs following.

· The nine gifts of the Holy Ghost for the edification, exhortation and comfort of the church, which is the Body of Christ.

· Church government by Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers.

· The obligatory nature of tithes and offerings.

· Divine healing through obedience to the commandment of our Lord, Jesus Christ and faith in His name and merit of His blood for all sicknesses, diseases and infirmities. 

· The eternal life of the saints with Christ and the eternal doom and punishment for the wicked.



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